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August 11, 2011 - A list of direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies offering tests for health-related conditions and the tests they offer was updated in August 2011. This list replaces a table originally posted in 2009:

Direct link to table - Tests listed alphabetically

Direct link to table - Tests listed by disease category

This chart, which contains information on services offered by direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies, was created as a resource for researchers, policymakers, and others who have an interest in tracking this industry.

The information presented here is not intended to suggest an endorsement for any of these companies or to serve as a resource for consumers.

The information in this chart reflects the DTC genetic testing industry at one point in time. Given the dynamic nature of the industry, we acknowledge that these data are constantly changing. We welcome and invite information, updates and comments. We will do our best to incorporate changes and updates as we receive them, and we thank you in advance for your contribution to this resource.

  • Using Google, we searched for company web sites and other mentions of DTC companies using the following terms: genetic test; genetic testing; genomic test; DNA test kit; direct-to-consumer genetic tests; direct-to-consumer genomic tests; DTC company; pharmacogenomics test; pharmacogenetic test; nutrigenomics test. Related blogs and online publications were also searched for information. The searches were conducted over time, on multiple computers. We did not systematically determine how many links per search would be investigated. Rather, we ceased examining links when we believed additional companies were no longer being identified. This list is not proffered as an exhaustive compilation of all DTC personal genetic testing companies. We welcome updates, corrections and additions.

  • We excluded from the list companies that were not offering testing for at least one medical condition, one pharmacogenomic test, or one nutrigenomic test. This resulted in the exclusion of companies that sell only fetal sex tests, ancestry tests, and/or paternity/identity tests.

  • We included foreign companies if U.S. residents could purchase the test from the company online.

  • We updated the tests offered by each company.

  • Companies included in our 2009 table that were no longer offering DTC testing in the U.S. were removed. We originally included only companies that allow consumers to order online without the approval of their doctor. We have added a separate category of companies that are currently marketing tests directly to consumers and require that a physician order the test.

    • “Direct-to-Consumer”: Tests can be ordered online by consumers, and results are sent directly to consumers or are made accessible through a protected online portal.
    • “DTC through Physician”: Tests are marketed directly to consumers and physicians. Companies require that a physician order the test.

  • We have added a column describing whether counseling is offered as part of the service. The key is as follows:
    GC = Counseling provided by a board-certified genetic counselor is included in the cost.
    GC$ = Counseling by a board-certified genetic counselor is available at additional cost.
    MD = Counseling provided by a physician is included in the cost.
    N = Counseling is not offered.

    Note: Some companies do not currently offer their services to residents of New York, California, or Maryland; we did not specify these restrictions in the chart.

    Last updated: March 2012

    This database has been compiled by GPPC staff. We are very grateful to Emma Spaulding for her invaluable contribution to the updated 2011 chart. In addition we are grateful to Alex Khomenko, Joanna Mountain, Dan Vorhaus and Jennifer K. Wagner for their feedback.


    For More Information Contact:

    Rachel Dvoskin, Ph.D.

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